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Version: 0.7.1 / 0.8.0


General options

-s, --show-ssa Emit debug information for the intermediate SSA IR
-d, --deny-warnings Quit execution when warnings are emitted
--show-output Display output of `println` statements during tests
-h, --help Print help

nargo help [subcommand]

Prints the list of available commands or specific information of a subcommand.


  • <subcommand> - The subcommand whose help message to display

nargo check

Generate the Prover.toml and Verifier.toml files for specifying prover and verifier in/output values of the Noir program respectively.

nargo codegen-verifier

Generate a Solidity verifier smart contract for the program.

nargo compile <circuit_name>

Compile the program into a JSON build artifact file containing the ACIR representation and the ABI of the circuit. This build artifact can then be used to generate and verify proofs.


  • <circuit_name> - The name of the circuit file


  • -c, --contracts - Compile each contract function used within the program
  • --print-acir - Displays the ACIR for the compiled circuit

nargo new <package_name> [path]

Creates a new Noir project.


  • <package_name> - Name of the package
  • [path] - The path to save the new project

nargo execute [witness_name]

Runs the Noir program and prints its return value.


  • [witness_name] - The name of the witness


The inputs to the circuit are read from the Prover.toml file generated by nargo check, which must be filled in.

To save the witness to file, run the command with a value for the witness-name argument. A <witness_name-name>.tr file will then be saved in the build folder.

Info: The .tr file is the witness file. The witness file can be considered as program inputs parsed for your program's ACIR.

This file can be passed along with circuit's ACIR into a TypeScript project for proving and verification. See the TypeScript section to learn more.

nargo prove <proof_name>

Creates a proof for the program.


  • <proof_name> - The name of the proof


  • -v, --verify - Verify proof after proving

nargo verify <proof>

Given a proof and a program, verify whether the proof is valid.


  • <proof> - The proof to verify

nargo test <pattern>

Nargo will automatically compile and run any functions which have the decorator #[test] on them if you run nargo test.

See an example on the testing page.


  • <pattern> - a pattern to indicate to only run tests with names containing the pattern

nargo gates

Counts the occurrences of different gates in circuit

nargo lsp

Start a long-running Language Server process that communicates over stdin/stdout. Usually this command is not run by a user, but instead will be run by a Language Client, such as vscode-noir.