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NoirJS is a TypeScript library that make it easy to use Noir on your dapp, webapp, Node.js server, website, etc.

A typical workflow would be composed of two major elements:

  • NoirJS
  • Proving backend of choice's JavaScript package

To install NoirJS, install Node.js if you have not already and run this in your JavaScript project:

npm i @noir-lang/noir_js

Proving backend

Since Noir is backend agnostic, you can instantiate NoirJS without any backend (i.e. to execute a function). But for proving, you would have to instantiate NoirJS with any of the supported backends through their own js interface.


Aztec Labs maintains the barretenberg proving backend, which you can instantiate and make use of alongside NoirJS. It is also the default proving backend installed and used with Nargo, the Noir CLI tool.

To install its JavaScript library, run this in your project:

npm i @noir-lang/backend_barretenberg

For more details on how to instantiate and use the libraries, refer to the Full Noir App Guide and Reference sections.