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Version: v0.27.0


Noir is meant to be easy to develop with. For that reason, a number of utilities have been put together to ease the development process as much as feasible in the zero-knowledge world.

IDE tools

When you install Nargo, you're also installing a Language Service Provider (LSP), which can be used by IDEs to provide syntax highlighting, codelens, warnings, and more.

The easiest way to use these tools is by installing the Noir VS Code extension.


Some Noir repos have leveraged Codespaces in order to ease the development process. You can visit the noir-starter for an example.

GitHub Actions

You can use noirup with GitHub Actions for CI/CD and automated testing. It is as simple as installing noirup and running tests in your GitHub Action yml file.

See the config file in the Noir repo for an example usage.

Community projects

As an open-source project, Noir has received many contributions over time. Some of them are related with developer tooling, and you can see some of them in Awesome Noir repository