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Version: v0.29.0

Alternative Installations

Encouraged Installation Method: Noirup

Noirup is the endorsed method for installing Nargo, streamlining the process of fetching binaries or compiling from source. It supports a range of options to cater to your specific needs, from nightly builds and specific versions to compiling from various sources.

Installing Noirup

First, ensure you have noirup installed:

curl -L | bash

Fetching Binaries

With noirup, you can easily switch between different Nargo versions, including nightly builds:

  • Nightly Version: Install the latest nightly build.

    noirup --version nightly
  • Specific Version: Install a specific version of Nargo.

    noirup --version <version>

Compiling from Source

noirup also enables compiling Nargo from various sources:

  • From a Specific Branch: Install from the latest commit on a branch.

    noirup --branch <branch-name>
  • From a Fork: Install from the main branch of a fork.

    noirup --repo <username/repo>
  • From a Specific Branch in a Fork: Install from a specific branch in a fork.

    noirup --repo <username/repo> --branch <branch-name>
  • From a Specific Pull Request: Install from a specific PR.

    noirup --pr <pr-number>
  • From a Specific Commit: Install from a specific commit.

    noirup -C <commit-hash>
  • From Local Source: Compile and install from a local directory.

    noirup --path ./path/to/local/source

Installation on Windows

The default backend for Noir (Barretenberg) doesn't provide Windows binaries at this time. For that reason, Noir cannot be installed natively. However, it is available by using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Step 1: Follow the instructions here to install and run WSL.

step 2: Follow the Noirup instructions.

Uninstalling Nargo

If you installed Nargo with noirup, you can uninstall Nargo by removing the files in ~/.nargo, ~/nargo, and ~/noir_cache. This ensures that all installed binaries, configurations, and cache related to Nargo are fully removed from your system.

rm -r ~/.nargo
rm -r ~/nargo
rm -r ~/noir_cache