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Version: v0.29.0

Noir Debugger

There are currently two ways of debugging Noir programs:

  1. From VS Code, via the vscode-noir extension. You can install it via the Visual Studio Marketplace.
  2. Via the REPL debugger, which ships with Nargo.

In order to use either version of the debugger, you will need to install recent enough versions of Noir, Nargo and vscode-noir:

  • Noir & Nargo ≥0.28.0
  • Noir's VS Code extension ≥0.0.11

At the moment, the debugger supports debugging binary projects, but not contracts.

We cover the VS Code Noir debugger more in depth in its VS Code debugger how-to guide and the reference.

The REPL debugger is discussed at length in the REPL debugger how-to guide and the reference.