nargo help [subcommand]

Prints the list of available commands or specific information of a subcommand.


  • <subcommand> - The subcommand whose help message to display

nargo new <package_name> [path]

Creates a new Noir project.


  • <package_name> - Name of the package
  • [path] - The path to save the new project

nargo check

Generate the Prover.toml and Verifier.toml files for specifying prover and verifier in/output values of the Noir program respectively.

nargo execute

Runs the Noir program and prints its return value.

  • <witness_name> - The name of the witness

nargo prove <proof_name>

Creates a proof for the program.


  • <proof_name> - The name of the proof

nargo verify <proof>

Given a proof and a program, verify whether the proof is valid.


  • <proof> - The proof to verify

nargo codegen-verifier

Generate a Solidity verifier smart contract for the program.

nargo preprocess <build_artifact>

Generate proving and verification keys from a build artifact file.

nargo compile <circuit_name>

Compile the program and its secret execution trace into a JSON build artifact file containing the ACIR representation, and the ABI of the circuit. This build artifact can then be used to generate and verify proofs.


  • <circuit_name> - The name of the circuit file

The files compiled can be passed into a TypeScript project for proving and verification. See the TypeScript section to learn more.