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Version: 0.10.5


An integer type is a range constrained field type. The Noir frontend currently supports unsigned, arbitrary-sized integer types.

An integer type is specified first with the letter u, indicating its unsigned nature, followed by its length in bits (e.g. 32). For example, a u32 variable can store a value in the range of ([0,2321])\\([0,2^{32}-1]\\):

fn main(x : Field, y : u32) {
let z = x as u32 + y;

x, y and z are all private values in this example. However, x is a field while y and z are unsigned 32-bit integers. If y or z exceeds the range ([0,2321])\\([0,2^{32}-1]\\), proofs created will be rejected by the verifier.

Note: The default backend supports both even (e.g. u16, u48) and odd (e.g. u5, u3) sized integer types.