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Version: 0.10.5


The string type is a fixed length value defined with str<N>.

You can use strings in assert() functions or print them with std::println(). See more about Logging.

use dep::std;

fn main(message : pub str<11>, hex_as_string : str<4>) {
assert(message == "hello world");
assert(hex_as_string == "0x41");

You can convert a str<N> to a byte array by calling as_bytes() or a vector by calling as_bytes_vec().

fn main() {
let message = "hello world";
let message_bytes = message.as_bytes();
let mut message_vec = message.as_bytes_vec();
assert(message_bytes.len() == 11);
assert(message_bytes[0] == 104);
assert(message_bytes[0] == message_vec.get(0));