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Version: v0.30.0

Nargo Installation

nargo is the one-stop-shop for almost everything related with Noir. The name comes from our love for Rust and its package manager cargo.

With nargo, you can start new projects, compile, execute, prove, verify, test, generate solidity contracts, and do pretty much all that is available in Noir.

Similarly to rustup, we also maintain an easy installation method that covers most machines: noirup.

Installing Noirup‚Äč

Open a terminal on your machine, and write:

curl -L | bash

Close the terminal, open another one, and run


Done. That's it. You should have the latest version working. You can check with nargo --version.

You can also install nightlies, specific versions or branches. Check out the noirup repository for more information.

Now we're ready to start working on our first Noir program!